CXWORX is a group fitness program created by the Les Mills franchise and is a program that should interest those eager to improve their physical performance; be it athletic in nature or even simply carrying the shopping to and from the car. Another significant attraction is that the class runs for only 30 minutes, but don’t get complacent the reminder of how intense a 30 minutes class of core annihilation can be, will be ever so present each time you laugh the next day.

CXWORX is a functional workout that strengthens the core muscles and helps tighten and tone the midsection, speeding your way to aesthetic pleasure. The workout uses a combination of floor work and standing strength exercises enhanced by the use of plates and tubing, all backed by scientific research.

The program focuses on training and utilising fascial (soft tissue) and muscular slings. These slings are an important combination of muscles and soft tissues that unite to generate powerful movement patterns. Using CXWORX to target these muscular slings, not only aids in improving the power the body can generate but also enhances the transfer of power from the lower body and legs, through the core, and into the upper body and arms.

Athletes will be particularly interested in this focus of training. To recognise the transfer of power between the upper and lower body through the core is integral to all types of activities, from golf to martial arts, cycling to surfing and everything in between.

While the benefits are very clear to athletes, CXWORX pays attention to participants who may not necessarily be athletically driven and Les Mills has put time into researching why it is a program everyone should do.

Pre-habilitation is a term that captures the pro-active approach to ones health and physical well-being. This is a program that will benefit any individual committed to taking care of their physical well-being. By training the core muscles and associated muscular slings we know through research that limb and body co-ordination improves and the flow on effect is simple, with improved co-ordination one is less likely to be vulnerable to injury. Training will improve muscular endurance, again helping to decrease the risk of injury. Strengthening the muscular slings also directly influences ones posture and again with improved posture the body is more able to efficiently navigate this terrestrial existence we called life.

Other core training programs, such as Abs, Butt and Thighs, Pilates and Yoga all include the same training principles. CXWORX brings elements of all these regimes into an intense 30 minute class, tried and tested on thousands of participants before its release as a world-wide product, thats the benefit of a choreographed Les Mills product.

It should be made clear that CXWORX is a workout – not a rehabilitation program. Yes the program is fabulous to improve ones fitness post injury but only after initial care and rehabilitation of the injury has progressed to functional training stages. Those with injuries or who are pregnant should make themselves known to their group fitness instructor so that each case can be considered appropriately.

CXWORX is a fun and challenging program perfect for those who are pushed for time, it is intense enough to know you are changing the body with every repetition and the benefits are well researched. It is important to know that CXWORX is not just a program aimed at athletes (although it may just very well make you look like one!) but aimed at every “body” to improve how we walk, climb stairs, carry our children or tend the garden. To improve how you move and live day to day.

This program caters to all fitness levels so that you will feel successful after every CXWORX class.

Dr. Adam Epskamp

Chiropractor BChiro(Hons), BSc(Chiro)