In July 2019 Silverback Chiropractic opened its doors at the Brightwater Marketplace in Mountain Creek, Queensland and it has been a great success since day one. 

My driving force (my why) is to create remarkable experiences of mind, body and soul, and to celebrate what it means to be fit, healthy and able. At Silverback Chiropractic I can create these remarkable experiences every day.  

When developing this clinic, I wanted to create a unique health experience. Moving away from the traditional medical setting, I created a space that would put me in the best frame of mind to provide quality care for the clients of Silverback Chiropractic.

We decided on an open plan setting which has encouraged a more social environment in the clinic. This is not only enjoyable for the staff and I, but it also creates community. We have witnessed our clients building friendships, sharing their Chiropractic success stories and providing parenting support. At times the practice has sounded more like a party then a Chiropractic clinic. Any good party has amazing music, and this has our clients reflecting on where they were when they first heard Silverchair’s Frogstomp album or that time they attended a Led Zeppelin concert.

The decor is another aspect of Silverback Chiropractic that was inspired by my love for comics and nature. The two-faced Marvel artworks are a constant reminder that we all have superpowers. From Deadpool and Wolverine’s healing abilities, Jean Grey’s powerful mind, Captain America’s moral compass, Tony Stark’s genius and of course the ability to overcome challenge by Thor and The Hulk. I love the space we have created, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It is important to note that none of this could have been achieved without the support of the amazing Silverback Chiropractic team. My wife, Savannah Epskamp has an eye for detail and is the queen of organisation. Savannah truly sets the bar for quality and for completing every task to the best of our abilities. I’m incredibly fortunate to have worked with my wife in the early days of the practice. She is an incredibly professional woman and while she has moved on to peruse her teaching career, she continues to support the Silverback Chiropractic community.

Our Chiropractic Assistant, Janine, has been an absolute blessing to our lives and continues the amazing work that Savannah started. Her attention to details is on point and her organisation and management skills are next level; especially when I am constantly pursuing new systems and strategies to grow the business. Janine’s superpowers include patience and kindness. She has a wonderful manner that creates a safe and supportive environment for our clients.

Our newest Chiropractic Assistant, Emily, comes from a family of multiple medical practitioners therefore was more familiar with western medicine. The chiropractic paradigm is quite different to an allopathic model and Emily has embraced the steep learning curve that is associated with Chiropractic care. Emily’s superpowers include client relations, planning, baby-cuddles, willingness to learn and a great sense of humour. Janine and Emily have become valued and vital team members of Silverback Chiropractic.

I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our very first Chiropractic Assistant, Shanna and the pocket-rocket Kathy who have been a part of the Silverback Chiropractic journey. These two, along with Savannah, helped the practice navigate the lockdowns of 2020. My appreciation for their help during this time cannot be understated. The measures we implemented and the information we communicated to our client-base meant the business continued to grow during this time. It shows how vital it is to share the consistent message of health by empowering the body and the mind through chiropractic care, nutrition, and movement.

Finally, I would like to honour the loyal clients of Silverback Chiropractic. I truly believe that your vibe attracts your tribe, and we have developed an amazing community of people who I am humbled and privileged to be supporting on their health journeys. Thank you to all our clients for your continued support at our Brightwater location. We have had an amazing two years and we are excited to continue creating remarkable experiences at Silverback Chiropractic.