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Silverback Chiropractic supports Sunshine Coast athletes and sports professionals. Dr Epskamp has extensive experience in treating and rehabilitating patients suffering from painful sporting injuries, including time spent working with local sporting teams. In addition to rehabilitation and athletic injury treatment, our sports chiropractor in Mountain Creek specialises in providing long-term movement and lifestyle solutions designed to improve your performance naturally and keep you in peak condition without adverse risk of injury.

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Proper assessment, treatment and preventative care is vital for those in the athletics field for rehabilitation from injury. Effective care means a faster return to exercise and sporting activities. Our sports chiropractor at Mountain Creek’s Silverback Chiropractic can develop thorough athletic injury treatment and rehabilitation programs for every type of athlete from rugby players and triathletes to surfers and motorsport enthusiasts of any age.

Common injuries we work with include:

  • Hamstring tears
  • Rolled ankles
  • Shoulder injuries

One area we focus on during the rehabilitation process is over-reliance on other joints after injury. New joint and muscle injuries can occur after a rehabilitation program that either has not properly been adhered to or has been ended prematurely. For example, athletes may present with a simple ankle injury and rely on other joints more heavily (such as the knees) to continue the activity, risking a torn ACL. To counter-act this, our rehabilitation programs focus on restoring proper function to the joints, coupled with comprehensive testing to ensure rehabilitation ends at the right time.

performance enhancement

Athletes demand so much of their bodies and while humans are certainly resilient, we can put our bodies under stress from the simplest of things, like sleep behaviour. Professional athletes at the highest level undertake regular chiropractic screenings to ensure they remain in peak condition. Preventing injury should be seen as optimising performance. If you have noticed pain or restriction when engaged in certain exercises or movements, or you simply want to improve your overall performance, holistic chiropractic care may be the answer you have been looking for.

At Silverback Chiropractic, a neurological examination and screening of the body from our Mountain Creek based sports chiropractor will assist in identifying tell-tale signs of muscle firing or mobility issues. From there, we will create a care plan with built-in progress assessments at key points during the process. A holistic approach to care will take into account nutrition, sleeping patterns, stress and environmental factors.


We aim to make the process of seeking assistance with your family’s health as easy as possible. Silverback Chiropractic accepts referrals from all other health care professionals, including general practitioners, dentists, physiotherapists and more. We also support clients through the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) for managing both active and retired service personnel, subject to a referral from a general practitioner. For those without health insurance, you may be eligible for the Chronic Disease Management (CDM) / Enhanced Patient Care (EPC) scheme which covers the cost of up to five practitioner sessions per year. Please speak to your general practitioner to obtain a referral.


Our athletic and sports chiropractor services in Mountain Creek and the Sunshine Coast include world-class solutions to prevent further injury. Get in touch to arrange a consultation.