Silverback Chiropractic utilises the Functional Movement System, including the Functional Movement Screen, at our Mountain Creek clinic, to address and support clients from injury management through to enhancing performance. The Functional Movement System consists of multiple protocols, which are used for varying purposes. During your initial consultation, we will determine the appropriate protocol to meet your individual needs and provide comprehensive care to reduce the likelihood of injury and improve quality of movement within the body.

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Silverback Chiropractic in Mountain Creek uses the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) to assess the seven planes of movement that all humans should be able to perform. In order to be proactive in injury prevention, a Functional Movement Screen can identify discrepancies from left to right, which may predispose the individual to injury. The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) at our Mountain Creek clinic involves the client performing a number of fundamental body movements, ranging from active straight leg raises to overhead squats. This screen is effective for people at all ability levels.

y-balance test.

The Y-Balance test has many functions. It can be used to assess risk of injury prior to physical activity, to assess progress with rehabilitation and as a diagnostic tool prior to returning to activity after an injury. The Y-Balance test at our Mountain Creek clinic will measure the individual’s functional symmetry from left to right and top to bottom.


Dr Epskamp believes many injuries are preventable. Improper rehabilitation advice and treatment can exacerbate what may otherwise be a straight forward injury. When painful movement has been recognised, the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) is used to specifically identify the source of the dysfunction and/or pain. This targeted information will indicate one of two issues within the body; mobility dysfunction or motor control dysfunction.

Selective Functional Movement Assessments (SFMA) assess movement patterns including:

  • Cervical flexion, extension and rotation
  • Upper extremity patterns
  • Multi-segmental flexion, extension and rotation
  • Single leg and squatting stance

Common injuries we manage include:

  • Back injuries
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Torn ACL, knee injuries
  • Ankle injuries
  • Calf tears or strains
  • Any other joint or muscle dysfunctions

functional movement systems

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