Congratulations! Let’s review your first appointment at Silverback Chiropractic.

Thank you for visiting Silverback Chiropractic for your initial consultation. For us, it is a wonderful experience to sit down and connect with someone like you, to learn about your story, investigate your case and begin piecing together what becomes a collaborative pursuit for health and wellness.

For most of our patients this is the start of a journey to improve their quality of life. To determine if we can indeed be a vital part of your pursuit of health and wellness, we discussed your current state of health, your current health concerns and your future health goals.

We discussed the role of your spine and nervous system and how the nervous system conducts healing in the body. The physical examination assisted us to identify areas of nervous system irritation as we looked to understand how your health is being affected by the condition of your spine.

There may have been some big “ahah” or “wow” moments for you during your initial appointment as we learnt a great deal about how your body is performing. It is easy to get overwhelmed with so much new information and it can be difficult relaying this information to friends and family who maybe supporting you on your wellness journey. For these reasons, I have taken the time to put together this video that captures the big take home points from your initial appointment.

You can access it here:

Please take a few minutes to watch the recap of your first experience at Silverback Chiropractic.

Feel free to share this video with family and friends, so they can fully understand your healthcare experience at our clinic.

Your next visit is all about linking your health goals with your examination findings and providing our best recommendations to get you on track to becoming the best version of you!

We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment.

Yours in Health,
Dr Adam Epskamp (Chiropractor)
Silverback Chiropractic Pty Ltd

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